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Entertainment Law Attorneys In Miami And San Juan

Latin American singers and others in the entertainment industry often need legal services encompassing multiple areas of concern, including immigration, business law and media. DMR is a respected source of counsel and guidance in these and other areas of the law.

With decades of experience in entertainment business-related areas, our legal team is ready to evaluate your needs as a U.S.-based or international achiever in your respective field. Our law firm has a strong reputation among well-known entertainers as well as those with less prominent public profiles.

Comprehensive Legal Counsel For The Entertainment Business

In the world of entertainment, immigration and business law are common areas where our lawyers pave the path to success for many U.S. and international clients. While we assist many entertainers in the music business, we are also open to clients from other entertainment mediums, such as filmmaking, acting and stand-up comedy. Our areas of legal counsel involve:

  • Contract drafting and negotiation
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Labor and employment law compliance
  • Entertainment immigration through talent-based visas and others
  • General entertainment business law matters, such as hiring, commercial leases, advertising and more

In any legal practice area, we are available to represent individuals and organizations in litigation and/or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as needed.

Let Us Take Burdens Off Your Shoulders As You Move Your Entertainment Business Forward

Our unique skillsets, our broad and deep experience in multiple areas of the law that are essential in the entertainment world and our strong reputation are all reasons to let us advise you.

To schedule a consultation, Call our Florida office at 305-564-9334 or our Puerto Rico office at 787-331-9970 or send an email message for a prompt response.