Building Legal Bridges To Your Success

Complete Legal Services For Businesses Of All Sizes In Florida And Puerto Rico

Forming, purchasing or operating a business can become a complicated process without proper legal counsel. A myriad of legal risks may arise if the legal foundation of your business is not properly laid out or if the ever-shifting applicable federal and state regulations are not properly followed. Structuring your business, entering contracts or engaging in legal transactions must not be done without the legal advice of a qualified attorney.

At DMR, we regularly advise businesses throughout the process of forming, acquiring, selling and operating their businesses. Our legal acumen allows us to provide reliable and valuable legal advice and representation to businesses of all sizes. DMR’s pragmatic approach concentrates on providing preventative, proactive, practical and efficient counsel to our clients so they can focus on making their businesses thrive.

A Proven Business Law Practice Bridging Worlds

With offices in Puerto Rico and Florida, and fully bilingual attorneys licensed in both jurisdictions, the legal team at DMR strives to act as a bridge between businesses in Puerto Rico seeking to do business or expand to Florida and foreign businesses seeking to establish operations in Puerto Rico.

Our business law practice regularly includes services including the following:

  • Corporate structure analysis
  • Incorporation
  • Shareholder and operating agreements
  • Contract formation and review
  • Transactional work
  • Employment matters
  • Intellectual property protection through trademarks, copyrights and more

Customization is a key part of our mission. To that end, we offer preferred rates and engagement conditions to clients who seek our guidance for such endeavors. In close collaboration with new and existing clients, we arrive at tenable working arrangements that suit both our clients and our attorneys.

Reach Out For The Business Counsel You Need

We are ready to evaluate your needs and let you know how we can facilitate your business’s health and progress. Our firm is useful to people in many fields of endeavor, including the entertainment business, financial services, construction and more.

To schedule a consultation, call our Florida office at 305-564-9334 or our Puerto Rico office 787-331-9970. You can also reach out to us by emailing us